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On Thursday, 16th of June we hosted our very first ‘Neural Networking Event’. While this page will provide information and insight into all our events – we can only brag about the only one we’ve hosted…

Our Speakers:

Trevor Back - Co-founder and CEO of Shift Lab

Trevor was the first Product Manager at DeepMind, and spent 9 years there. Prior to DeepMind, he completed a Ph.D. in Computational Astrophysics at the University of Edinburgh.

And now, he’s the CEO and Co-founder of Shift Lab.

Trevor’s Talk: Applicable Applied AI

Viswadeep Sarangi – ML Engineer at Sensyne Health

Viswadeep has been involved in the field of clinical AI/ML for over 5 years now. He invested the first half of his career understanding how machine learning technology can help in disease diagnosis and prediction, through a Research Fellowship and a PhD program. The latter half, he learned how to deploy the researched models into a commercial through a post doctorate and current ML Engineering role.

Viswadeep’s Talk: End-to-end Machine Learning for Healthcare Applications, R&D and Beyond

To see Viswadeep’s Talk please CLICK HERE

Get a feel for what the event was like!

- Our Principles -

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    Enabling Inspired Outcomes

    We know that the people of AI can positively impact the world and truly push for innovation. This is what inspires us and why we set ourselves high standards. Our motivation comes from seeing our AI experts thrive and our approach is always honest and human. We want to help you fulfil your ambitions because it’s important to you and the world.

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    Advocates for Adaptability

    In order to get you to where you want to be, it’s paramount that we’re able to adapt to an ever-expanding market. We’re always curious and eager to widen our knowledge to share valuable insight between each other and our professionals. Every move we make is considered as your time is valuable. So, you can expect proficiency and proactiveness

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    Passionate About Purpose

    Understanding everyone’s purpose means we can be better, together and create lasting relationships that we care about, and outcomes that change lives. We share the passion of our industry professionals and believe in what they’re trying to achieve. That is why our emphasis is on purpose.

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    Considerate Collaboration

    Above all else, we listen and communicate with respect. This guarantees fair and equal treatment for all and reassurance that people have been heard and are valued. The best outcomes stem from collaboration across a variety of cultures and backgrounds and we believe that this is essential in building sustainable opportunity and growth. It’s how amazing happens.

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