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DS Group are absolutely delighted to have established our first partnership with a charity and it’s with an incredible one too: Community TechAid.


What do Community TechAid do?

Ultimately, they are closing the digital divide by providing technology and skills to our communities, whilst recycling, reusing and repairing e-waste.

What’s the goal?

They want to provide our community with the three fundamentals of digital inclusion: access to technology, connectivity and the knowledge and skills to access the online world.

How do they do it?

They gather donated laptops, tablets and smartphones, wipe the data and refurbish them, and return them to use by giving them to those in need. They partner with local organisations to identify those in need, through a referral system.

DS Group & Community TechAid

Both DS Group and Community TechAid revolve around the tech-industry, and more specifically we share a passion for Tech For Good. It is within this alignment where our values, vision and mission reflect each other's and demonstrates a clear purpose for our collaboration in closing the digital divide.

If you'd like to read more about the amazing work Community TechAid are doing, you can find their website here:

Community Aid

How we're hoping to help...

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    Donate Devices

    We hope to help end digital exclusion by donating unwanted laptops, tablets and smartphones. By donating, we can make a huge difference in the lives of the people Community TechAid support and in the community.

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    Donate Funds

    Regular donations can help ensure Community TechAid's projects and services reach the people who need them most. Just £10 can buy a new webcam to help a student access remote learning.

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    When looking for a charity to partner with, it was essential that we were able to have a hands on approach and add value wherever we can. We can't wait to get involved in supporting the local community and meet new people!

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