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Here at DS Group, we understand that sourcing the right talent, in a job market that is constantly evolving and demanding new skills, can be challenging. We have placed ourselves in a market where we hire AI professionals because this is where we think inspiration and adaptability is thriving.

Whether you’re at the pre-seed funding stage or IPO/Exit, we are passionate about unlocking further opportunity and growth for our partners. Through our vast network of AI professionals, our use of current technologies and over 20 years of experience; we’ll delve into your needs and provide a tailored approach in finding a solution.

Our eagerness to continually expand our knowledge of the market and knowing the ins and outs of our client organizations has established proven success. Read through a few of our case studies below!

Some Examples

  • Tractable Logo

    Tractable develops AI for accident and disaster recovery. From car accidents to natural disasters, their AI looks at photos of damage and predicts repair costs.

    Tractable wanted to build a newly established, core research team. The hope for this team was to carry out long-term research that future proofs Tractable’s products using state of the art, Deep Learning and Computer Vision methods.

    We began our search by headhunting and sourcing Research Scientists across the world who have published their work at leading Computer Vision conferences such as CVPR, ECCV, ICCV and have spent time within world-renowned research labs.

    We are proud to say that we sourced the perfect talent for Tractable’s new team and since then, we are now responsible for all Machine Learning and Research hires at Tractable. Across their entire business, we deliver Applied Researches, Research Engineers, Research Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.

    In just 18 months, we have culminated 30+ hires and for us, that’s quite an achievement considering the candidate-short market within the Computer Vision space.

  • QuitGenius Logo
    Quit Genius
    (now Pelago)

    Quit Genius are the world's first digital clinic delivering a comprehensive Medication-Assisted Treatment program for multiple addictions, 100% virtually.

     After the business decided to re-design their product and roll out a new version to the market, they needed a new team of Backend Engineers whose skillset lie specifically in Node.js. Further to this, it was essential that the potential hires were previously involved in large scale projects that had been released to global markets.

     Through our latest technologies and deep network in the market, we were able to attract the right talent more efficiently than any other agency. We secured 8 hires in just 4 months and as a trusted partner, we continue to support them in their expansion and technical growth.

  • Synthesia Logo

    Synthesia are global leaders in AI video generations, who power the video-first internet by replacing cameras with code and strive to make everyone a creator.

    After raising their Series A funding round, we partnered with Synthesia to bolster up their research teams across London, Munich and Amsterdam. Working alongside Synthesia, we mapped out, headhunted and acquired Research Scientists and Research Engineers. They had backgrounds in generative models applied to Computer Vision, Speech Synthesis and Audio-visual research from leading academic research labs and expert technology companies.

    As a result, multiple hires across all three locations were attained, enabling Synthesia to progress and build further capabilities in their revolutionary AI video generation platform. We’re now looking to scale out Synthesia’s applied Research offering which will strengthen the link between research and product.

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