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About Oscar

​Hey, I’m Oscar.

Here at DS Group, I’m a consultant who specialises in hiring those with skills in Node/TypeScript – the Software Engineering market. I love the high-pressure environment and chatting to people is my thing.

I chose not to go to uni as I wanted to get stuck into the working world. But, outside of work I love anything football related and I’m a devoted Arsenal fan (best team on the planet, obviously). I enjoy playing football and dabble in a bit of boxing.

On the weekends, nothing beats a bit of time with the boys and I also like going to concerts – rock and roll is where it’s at. I’ve played guitar since I was young and love playing that where I can.

Oh, and I’d also love to go travelling one day!

If you’re interested in having a chat about the types of roles I’m hiring for or any other opportunities, please get in touch!