Q5: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had and what did you learn from it?

Posted on 24 March 2022

This week we get to hear about some of the careers that the consultants didn’t enjoy so much – but would’ve definitely learnt a thing or two from.

I’m sure we’ve all been in a job where we weren’t totally happy: whether it be due to management, compensation or too much pressure. And this ties into our earliest blogs about counter offers and things to consider when applying for new jobs, where it was highlighted that your happiness within your role is the most important part.


“I had to watch roadworks all day and make sure pedestrians were safe and it was the most boring job. The days went slow and the hours were long. I definitely prefer to apply myself and be busy.”


“I was a pot wash as my first job. I learnt what I don’t want to do - haha!”


“Definitely working in a well-known pub when I was 17. Bringing people food and getting yelled at by customers. I guess it taught me to value the workspace that I’m in.

It’s so bad for your mental health and state of mind to be in a role where you’re just being abused by customers, abused by managers and I got paid next to nothing. So, it wasn’t even like the hardship was worth it.”


“I was a lifeguard for a year and there’s so much responsibility. Constant pressure, people’s lives are in your hands – it’s a really daunting job.

I learnt I never want to be a lifeguard ever again.”


“I used to work at a coffee shop which I absolutely loved but my manager left and there was a period of 3 months where head office came in and I became manager but the training really wasn’t good at all. There was no development, no training, no guidance. I’ve just learnt those things are really important.

…And also when I was a pot wash – that wasn’t fun haha.”


“My first work experience during school. I spent 2 weeks in a pharmacy and it really wasn’t a sociable or interesting job for me. I found it quite boring and I learnt that the people you’re working with and around is really important.”


We all start somewhere and at least we get to learn what we don’t want to do along the way! Thank you for reading this blog and see you next week!


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