Q4: What behaviour or personality trait do you value most in yourself and why?

Posted on 17 March 2022

This was an interesting one to ask as Brits are typically known for being reserved and not wanting to talk about themselves so openly. So, it was fun to prod at the consultants a little to encourage them to say some positive things about themselves😉.

…Aaaand this ended up being one of my favourite questions to ask as the answers were lovely!

I’d definitely suggest to everyone to take what the consultants have said and reflect on yourself too:

  •        Do you have any of these behaviours?

  •        What do you consider your most valued personality trait?

Here’s what the DS team had to say…


“My adaptability.

I feel like I can adapt to a lot of different situations and people too. However, it’s important to be yourself at the end of the day.”


“I say it how it is.

A lot of people, you can tell they want to say something and they don’t say it or aren’t honest about it.”


“I was going to say dad jokes haha - but I guess I’m quite good at not letting things get me down.

I feel like the best way to approach things is with a smile on your face. If you ever feel uncomfortable, you’ve got to throw yourself in the deep end sometimes. I feel like the best way you can learn and grow is to put yourself into positions where you’re not going to always be comfortable.


“I like to think I’m friendly, approachable and trustworthy. Someone that people can come to and feel comfortable around.”


“I’m a complete extravert. Out there, easy going, very chilled and laidback. Somebody could be like ‘let’s go do something’ and I’d be like ‘Great. Grand. Let’s do it!’. I’m very rarely in a bad mood haha.”


“I think my emotional intelligence.

I’m way more connected to people than things. I’ve nurtured that over the years in various aspects of my life.”

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