What Does Job Hunting and Dating Have In Common?

Posted on 10 February 2022

​The internationally, celebrated day of love whereby you hope to find your perfect match is approaching. However, here at DS Group, we’re not fussed about Valentine’s Day (in looking for your dream partner) but we definitely concern ourselves in being the cupid to help you find your dream job. Although, you should expect our consultants to be suited and booted rather than a naked cherub with arrows – haha!

Other than the seemingly obvious differences, how is the job hunt and interview process similar to Valentine’s Day and dating, in general?


Before going for a job interview you should always do your research. Make sure the company’s values align with yours and get a feel for the general vibe as best as you can. Could you imagine yourself working here?

You want to be asking yourself some hypothetical questions when you go dating too. For example - do we have enough common? Unless you’re going on a blind date, you would usually find out about any shared interests you might have. Is this the type of person that you could go on a second date with? Commit to long-term?

Finding A Spark

You might be lucky enough to feel that spark before officially going in for an interview (or zoom). Well really, you should feel at least a slight spark beforehand, just so you know you’re excited about it!

A lot of the time, however, it’s not until you do your research, maybe have a few phone calls and then finally meet with your potential employer that you feel a connection and get those butterflies about possibly working at the company. Wooo - you’ve finally found your perfect match!

It’s the same as finding ‘the one’. They may tick all of your boxes but unless there’s chemistry it’s never going to work!

Dating Profiles – CV and Socials

We’ve mentioned in previous blogs how important it is to have an approachable LinkedIn, up-to-date CV and socials. Why? Because it gives your potential employer something to look through and identify if they think you’d be a good fit. It also demonstrates your professionalism and experience.

Some of you out there don’t have profile pictures on your LinkedIn and that is a bit silly (unless you really don’t want to be contacted by anyone at all). Some stats from LinkedIn say that you can get 21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages by having a profile picture!

If you’re on any online dating apps, you’d also want an approachable profile so you get that all important swipe to the right or even better: a super like! According to MobileGeek.com simply smiling in your pictures can mean your 14% more likely to get a swipe-right.

The All Important First Meet

Before going for your interview, what do you do?

-        You’ve done your research

-        Now you’ve got to figure out what to wear

-        Make sure it’s all cleaned and ironed

-        Have your shower

-        Make yourself look presentable…first impressions matter!

These are all things you’ll need to do before your date too.

Keep In Touch

If your interview doesn’t go as well as you might have hoped, it’s still important to follow-up and stay in touch. Perhaps connect on LinkedIn? Definitely send over a ‘Thank you for your time’ message. There are no cons in being polite.

If you’re dating, do the same! Well…maybe don’t connect with them on LinkedIn – haha. But definitely send them a message letting them know it was nice to meet, maybe check to see if they got home safe and sound?


We know it’s much easier said than done but try to relax. When you’re on your way to your interview it’s easy to worry, get anxious and overthink.

Here are some useful ways to settle your nerves:

-        Meditation

-        Chatting to friends and family

-        Listening to your favourite music

-        Listening to inspirational and motivational podcasts.

If you’re relaxed, you’ll naturally exude confidence. So, when you’re dating, keep of all these tips in mind.

If you’re chilled then you’ll seem confident. But don’t be too chilled, you don’t want to run the risk of seeming uninterested - a complicated balancing act, we know!😉


Hopefully you’ve found this blog a bit different but just as interesting! Let us know what you think and why not give a share?

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